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The Tea Catalogue
Assortment for specialized Tea Shops


The Tea Catalogue
Assortment for specialized Tea Shops

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Dear business partners,

A special combination of more than 135 years of tradition and experience in the international tea business and a modern, creative spirit of innovation has shaped us to this day. From our base in Hamburg, we supply customers around the globe with premium tea products. We service a variety of customer groups – from specialist tea retailers, tea brands and private-label customers to the beverage and food service industries. Likewise, in our product selection we believe in variety and the principle of “everything under one roof.”

In addition to our wide range of teas, herbals and fruit infusions from more than 130 countries, we offer our customers a wide variety of flavoured blends and teas in every conceivable form, tea extracts, instant powder mixes, basic materials for beverage production, and even the bottling of freshly brewed iced teas.

Our expertise in the various tea-related specialist areas and our monitoring of latest trends in the international markets are reflected in our customised products and concepts. At all the stages of purchasing and production, we give top priority to maintaining our high quality standards and complying with ethical principles.

On behalf of the Hälssen & Lyon team, we cordially invite you to be inspired by our catalogue range on the following pages. We have specifically tailored this selection of teas, herbals and fruit infusions to the high-end specialist tea retail.

At our company, everything revolves around tea, in every conceivable form and all under one roof. We are pleased that, as our business partner, you are part of our large and broad world of tea.